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Rene Industries is based in Kampala, Uganda and is the leading pharmaceutical company. The company had a humble beginning as Rene Pharmacy Limited, which imported and distributed pharmaceutical products.

With their entrepreneurial zeal, the directors decided to route to backward integration to manufacture the pharmaceutical products locally.

Rene is dedicated to the development, production and sale of high quality generic and branded pharmaceutical products. We produce a variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms, which include tablets, capsules, liquid, pessaries and Beta-lactum preparations. These fall into a wide range of therapeutic categories such as antibiotics, analgesics, CNS agents, anti-malarial, anthelmintic, antifungal , drugs for the GI tract, antihistamines, anti-diabetics, vitamins, cough medicines and expectorants and many more.

The industry currently manufactures 80 products and has over 30 products in the pipeline. Our products circulate in more than five countries in the East African region.

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