Rene Industries has expanded rapidly and is continuously investing in order to maintain our strong market position. Today Rene is the largest pharmaceutical companies in Uganda by volume with 2.8 billion tablets produced every month. The factory manufactures various Non-Beta Lactam & Beta Lactam dosage forms including: Tablets, Capsules Liquid orals, Dry syrup, Dry Powder Sachets and External preparations. Currently we manufacture over 120 products in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). At Rene, we foster a culture of constant scientific enhancement of our pharmaceuticals formulations as we continue to expand and improve our product portfolio.


The state-of-the art facility is uniquely designed with physical segregation between the stores, primary and secondary processing areas. This minimises the risk of cross contamination and ensures uni-directional material pattern. All incoming materials and finished goods are received and housed in dedicated stores that are temperature and humidity controlled. The general production facility is designed for solid oral and liquid dosage forms whereas the Beta-Lactum facility is designed for solid oral and dry powder for oral suspension dosage forms. This unit is managed by experienced, qualified, skilled persons and has a highly trained work force who ensure the day-day operations are run as per set guidelines and SOP’s.