Our Team

At Rene, a highly skilled team of qualified professionals across all areas and departments ensure that quality assurance, quality systems, technology transfer and manufacturing processes are maintained at international standards. With over 500 employees, we enforce expertise and collaboration in all of our departments. We invest in our people to build culture over years in a professional environment that unites skills with enthusiasm.

Mr. Rishi Vadodaria

We identified a gap in the local production of affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical medicines. As part of the GOVERNMENT OF UGANDA initiative “Buy Uganda, Build Uganda” (BUBU), Rene is proud to be at the forefront of this campaign in partnership with the National Drug Authority (NDA)

Managing Director

Dr. Meera Vadodaria

Our Management firmly believes in the continuous improvement of our products and invests heavily in product development based on the essential medicines list. We employ a range of employee’s including pharmacists, chemists, engineers and skilled workers, who undergo a rigorous training program to ensure every activity carried out is as per Standard Operating Procedures.




Mrs. Khushboo Vadodaria Hernandez

Quality is a way of life at Rene Industries Limited.” We continue to ensure we meet all regulatory requirements for testing, approval, manufacturing and marketing of our products. We guarantee the efficiency of our quality systems and request the audience to have confidence and trust in our products. Through this support we will be able to build on investment, offer more employment to the local Ugandans and build a strong self-sustainable economy.

Operations Director