Rene work closely with healthcare professionals around the region to understand their unmet needs and create innovative programs to support their work. We bring science and education to the table through our rigorous training apprenticeships for pharmacist graduates.

The company plays its role in the social infrastructure of Uganda whole heartedly whilst employing a consistent program of community activities that include:
Training opportunities for intern pharmacists, chemists, technicians and other academic disciplines from Makerere University and other institutions of learning.

CME (Continuing Medical Education)

Rene has been actively hosting CME events since 2011. The objective is to assist those in the a medical profession to learn about new and developing areas in their field. These activities mainly take place as live events. Content for these programs is developed, reviewed, and delivered by our senior medical representaive using presentations over projector and screen.

Community outreach

Our commitment to those who cannot afford quality drugs has driven us to invest part of our profits in charity donations. We provide a number of medicines to charitable foundations such as Namagoma charitable clinic, Mother Teresa’s home, Bless a child foundation and Sanyu babies’ home.